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It’s OKAY To Take A PAUSE!

No, I didn't give up, I actually chose a path to make the brand better!

It‘s okay to be human and take a pause


I'm okay with the pause I took for me and my brand.


The Tiara Jahnay brand/website took a pause after it’s Black Knowledge/ Love for Dance Collection. Remember Tiara Jahnay IS You! Just like You have things come up in life that take your vision and your path for a twist, the same happened to me (ME=Tiara Jahnay). When those things come into your life sometimes you just have to take a pause to redraw your path on the map to get back on course. So that's what I did. Instead of allowing what could have been long term road blockage I figured out how to come up with what I think will help me/us get back on the journey that I once was on and make it an even better journey.  Ups and downs just make you grow as a person and give your life more depth and character.  Apart from rebuilding and clearing a new path so I can see my original vision again I had to choose ME!Choose self-care, choose mental health, choose physical health, and choose to redefine what makes me smile and ignite your passions. Choosing those things made me realize it wasn’t that I wasn’t choosing “The Tiara Jahnay Brand '' but all along I actually was still choosing the brand because the brand is ME. It’s comforting to know that despite the roadblocks life can throw at you, getting up, dusting yourself off and moving full steam ahead is the only option.  I found that while continuing to work on ME I’m able to bring you ME unapologetically.  If my energy is off then the brand is off!  

…...with that being said…...It's ok to take a PAUSE, it's ok to take time for yourself because it makes whatever goal, situation or task at hand better because then you are restored/ healed for when YOU decide to press PLAY again.

                                                                                          Signed, I Am You, You Are Me &

 Im Pressing PLAY,


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