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Tiara Jahnay The Brand

Welcome to a brand where I AM YOU and a place where WE ALL MATTER! Wear this brand with your head held high. Connect and Partner with this brand knowing that I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, & WE ARE ONE. Know that Tiara Jahnay will pour her heart and soul in whichever branch you decide to use through this brand.


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Dance Ambassador

Decided to try something new out in this Tiara Jahnay Journey. Never though I could be a Dance Ambassador but I'm loving every moment of it. I am honored that DFW Dance Photography selected me to be a dance ambassador for 2022-2023.

"Loving All Of Me"

"There Are No Limits"

"Shooting For The Stars"

North Star Dance Project | Company Member

Dance Gallery

What Studios Can You fIND Me At? click on the studio to go to their website to sign up!

                                    “Is The Sky The Limit To Reach Your Dreams?  No, There Are No Limits When You Have Dreams To Reach. Keep Reaching UntiL All Your Dreams Are Reached” 

                               - I AM YOU

Your brand is beautiful and inspirational, I love how your mission involves everyone feeling loved through representation.

Alexis C.

I highly recommend Ms. Tiara for dance lessons! She does an amazing job. My daughter loves working with her. She is so fun while still pushing the dancers to do more! We have had her as a dance teacher live and in a virtual setting!

Jennifer J.