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What is my personal definition of dance?

I thought the first article should be about a recent question that was asked of me by a former student. She asked what was "my personal definition of dance?" I LOVE THIS QUESTION SO MUCH!!! (Can't you tell from the capital letters and exclamation points?)

Over the years, I have written many different papers on the topic of dance but never about my personal definition. I think before I dive into what I believe my definition of this AMAZING art form is, we should get the actual definition. Dance
to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a
pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music


Love the Definition BUT Mine Goes
A Little Something Like This...

Dance is the unspoken words that your body creates through motion; either with music, rhythms, poetry, or even at times acapella. The ability to tell a story through the development of movement. It's a nonverbal way to have a conversation that comes from within ones soul.


Being a dancer first then a teacher in the art of dance, of course my definition would be similar but deeper from the heart. Dance is truly a part of me that lives and continues to thrive. Literally, my first tattoo was a pair of pointe shoes that has LIVE. LOVE. DANCE. around it! Dance should come from within naturally. It's an art form that never stays the same BUT stays the same all at the same time. I know, a little crazy... but dance is its own unique vibe. You learn the basics, but then those basics keep evolving into your own artistry. You find out how it makes you feel and connect your MIND, BODY & SOUL to whatever movement comes through your body and/or choreography. The more you embrace dance through your heart, the more your definition for dance will continue to evolve!



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  • That is a very beautiful definition of dance and I look forward to reading more from your mind

    Your Dominique

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