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Q & A

Tiara Jahnay Dance Clothing Line:

Why Can’t Items  Be Returned?

Items cant be returned due to every item is custom printed.

Can I Change My Order After It Has Been Placed?

No, Because after order is placed we are in shop making/customizing that particular item.

Do You Have To Be A Dancer To Purchase The Brand Gear?

NO! This Brand Is For Dancers and Everyday Wear For Anyone.


Tiara Jahnay Company Marketing/ Branding Services:

Is Shipping Included In Ordering Business Cards?

Sadly, No.

How Long Does It Normally Take To Get Business OR Brand Stickers Shipped?

The Amount of time depends on which shipping option you choose. We have three options: economy , standard, and express. But the time for the shipping does not include the time it will take to actually create the order. Creating the order can take 3-6 business days.

Are we able to discuss package deals if we are purchasing multiple branding services?

Yes! Always open for conversation to figure something out. Just reach out to Tiara Jahnay customer service and most likely Tiara Jahnay herself will speak with you.

Do I have to pay for a consultation?

No, first consultation is FREE unless you don’t cancel 24 hours in advance . There will be a cancelation fee of $10.00 if you don’t cancel the consultation at least 24 hours prior to meeting that is scheduled agreed time.                                                                                                 Example: If your consultation is scheduled for Tuesday Dec. 3 @ 12:00pm and you want to cancel or reschedule. You would have needed to notify Tiara Jahnay Co. by Monday Dec. 2 @ 12:00pm to make sure you are not charged a cancelation fee!