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About Us

Tiara Jahnay started as a brand for myself on Instagram & Youtube. It's been about 3 years since I physically danced for myself. Yes, I am a dance teacher. Teaching dance and physically dancing are on two different levels.With teaching I realized I couldn’t physically dance full out all the time because I had to watch and correct my students. I am big on not just verbal corrections but also physically correcting. With that being said; over those 3 years of not fully dancing  I saw my dancer body change. Granted I’ve never been a “skinny” dancer, and never wanted to be, but I knew in my heart I was missing a piece. The physical aspect of dance! So i got in the studio with my dad- he’s cheering me on the side- he did my recordings. From there my vision for myself was clearer. My heart was becoming complete again. 
I felt like there was more room to grow. I got to thinking about how I would keep myself accountable to never let any part of my dance life die out again. I started branding myself! Thinking what could be my name? 
(Light Bulb Goes Off)
Hello, your parents named you the best brand ever. Tiara Jahnay! Taking that name so everyone knows who I am when I post these videos. I started posting videos on youtube. Hoping that my journey back to dance for myself would be an inspiration not just for myself but others. I knew the first life I would touch was myself!  You never know how you can help or touch someone’s life. SO, that was still not enough. What can I do to keep promoting the beautiful journey of dance for all shapes, sizes, culture, height, flexibility and more in this beautiful artistry called Dance; while also getting closer to my #1 dream since I was a little girl. OPENING MY OWN DANCE STUDIO. God put the answer right in front of me when He made the whole world take a pause in life to breathe and rethink during this quarantine. He first started working through me with selling my original logo Tshirts on Instagram. Then He took it to another level when He blessed my heart with the idea of a Diversity in Dance Line.
So, Here WE Are TODAY! 
Welcome to a clothing brand where I AM YOU and a place where WE ALL MATTER! The support in knowing we are all beautiful dancers- beautiful people- in our own way. GOD created us all different for a reason. Embrace all your beauty! Wear this brand with your head held high and know that I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, & WE ARE ONE!